So I’m sure most people are now aware that Atlanta has a gas shortage.  Up until last week, I haven’t had too much trouble finiding gas because I don’t fill up often since I drive a Honda and although most gas stations near my house were all out there were 1 or 2 dependable stetions to get gas at.

Last week my husband woke up early on Saturday and wen to fill up my car. It took him about 2 hours and a 15 mile drive to find gas. Either way, he filled up my tank while I slept in, so I didn’t really feel the gas shortage until Friday when I was at a quarter tank and there was nowhere to get gas and the 1 station that had gas also had incredibly long lines.

Friday night when I picked up my sister she told us that her friend had gotten up at 3am to get gas and saw no lines at that time. Of course, thinking we are clever, my husband and I stayed up until 2am and went out to the gas station. There was a huge line where there had always been gas and no other gas station had gas. We drove back to the original gas station to find out that the huge line wasn’t moving because they were actually in line for the next gas delivery, which came at 6am. We were not about to sit at the gas station for 4 hours. We went home and he went back to the gas station at 7am with the intention to fill up my tank, get some gas in the gas can, so he could put enough gas in his car to get him to the station and fill up his car. Well, he was able to fill up my tank and the gas ran out at that station.

As it was his and my sister’s bday weekend we drove out to my aunt’s Sunday. As we drove out of our neighborhood there was also no gas to be found north of Atlanta. Now we’re back at half a tank in my car and no gas in his car. All three of us are riding in my car and hoping that we’ll be able to find gas tomorrow.

In case you were wondering what the government of Georgia is doing about this crisis: He took a trip to Spain and thought it would be fun to take the head of the DOT with him. He also waitied a whole week after the other Southeastern states asked for help from the EPA before he thought it would be necessary to ask for help. Nevermind that Georgia has the largest city in the southeast and we would probably need to ask for help before anyone else. Nevermind that people asked him to call off the UGA – Bama game to avoid a bunch of out-of towners taking the little gas we do have. Nevermind that there are about a million alternatives that he could implement. However, since he doesn’t fill up his own tank, the state does it for him, he has no clue what the rest of us are dealing with.  I sincerely hope that Georgians take this as a clue as to the mismanagement of a Republican government and finally overturn a red Gerorgia to a Blue state. It’s about time!

I propose that one of these big department store hold a gas shortage sale; giving 15% off online purchases and free shipping to keep people at home and that all of these big Atlanta-based companies get their employees to telecommute until the crisis dies down. Let’s everyone stay home!