Yesterday was Father’s Day and of course the blogs abound with stories of great fathers, terrible fathers, and absent fathers.  I dedicate this post to the brave men and women who take the choice of bringing children into this world seriously.

I won’t write about the epidemic of children left fatherless because of a lack of responsibility, or of the joys of growing up with an awesome father.

I want to celebrate and thank those people who by whichever means have chosen not to have children when they knew they were not prepared to raise them.  Whether through abstinence, contraception, or abortion, I salute those who consciously stay child-less for the sake of said unborn child.

Some people are deservingly praised for raising children despite harsh circumstances or changing their ways to become good parents, etc. I praise those who know their circumstances or themselves well enough to know that a child would not benefit from them.

I respect those who rather than fix a problem, avoid the problem altogether. The people who abstain from children until they are well-prepared to handle them. Some people say that women who have abortions are selfish, som emay be, but I say many are self-less. If you believe that a child is a blessing, then said woman is foregoing a blessing in order to not bring a child into unworthy circumsances.

For some women, it is not financially viable to raise children, and although some may argue that you can work 3 jobs and get government assitance, I say not putting a child through that hardship is better than just scratching by and through a hardship. The same goes for marriages that are on the rocks or people simply not emotionally prepared to raise children. Why have them and hope that you can figure it out later? Rather, make the tough choice, don’t have the child. Choosing to abstain from having children is more responsible than just working the situation out, or hoping it will work out.

Happy Non-Father’s and Non-Mother’s day.