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Press Release

COLOMBIANITOS Annual Bingo Extravaganza 2009

Saturday April 18th 2009


On Saturday April 18th 2009, from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, COLOMBIANITOS non- profit organization will host its 8th Annual Fundraising Bingo to raise funds for children victims of violence and extreme poverty in Colombia. The event will take place at the Auditorium of the Atlanta International School. Address: 2890 North Fulton Drive, Atlanta, GA 30305. Following you will find directions to get there.


Purchasing a game board for $50.00 will enable participants to play 15 times to win fabulous prizes such as, airline tickets, hotel stays, restaurant gift certificates, tickets to Atlanta area attractions and much more.


COLOMBIANITOS is a non profit organization that offers comprehensive programs that cover education, sports activities, soccer, music instruction and rehabilitation for children who have been displaced and affected by violence and extreme poverty in Colombia.


Thanks to all the contributions received and the money raised, the following has been achieved: 3,800 boys and girls benefit from its “Goals for a Better Life” program in Bogota, Puerto Tejada, Cartagena, Sincelejo, Barbosa and Medellin; 25 children victims of landmine explosions have received physical and physiological rehabilitation; 329 children attend school through the child Sponsorship Plan, 29 youngsters graduated from high school and 9 more are enrolled in various universities with scholarships.


In 2008, the coverage of the music and dances program expanded from Puerto Tejada to Medellin, Cartagena and Barbosa reaching 616 children; the school reinforcement was implemented in all the communities where the program operates, 1,485 informative workshops were given to families and 150,806 meals were distributed to children participating in its programs. Without a doubt, this has been possible thanks to the support of people like you, interested in the development of our Little Colombians.


To buy tickets or get more information about our programs, you can contact us at (770) 541-1131 or by email at aarizabaleta@colombianitos.org You can also visit http://www.colombianitos.org.