February 2009

One…we bew our budget when we bought our new cars. 

Two…we didn’t take into account insurance

Three…budget has to be revamped entirely.

Four…budget has no room left in it now. For anything. This is not good!

Five…hubby and I agreed to deposit all of our paychecks into our joint account and transfer a small “allowance” into each of our personal accounts for things like lunch, gas, etc. Hubby decided to just have 66% of his check deposited to joint account and keep 33% rather than set up a transfer. That was fine. This agreement was made in January. His checks or even 66% are not being direct deposited to the joint account. He just deposits a set amount when he remembers, or more accurately, when I remind him 3 times! this week he got paid for overtime. I though whoohoo we will have extra money to cover things. I was wrong. Extra money stayed in his personal account. He is also avoiding putting the money in our newly set up joint savings. I’m beggining to lose my patience. We have had this conversation 5,000 times. I even offered to not have a joint account and we split the bills 50/50. He said no, he wanted a joint account. What is the deal with his hesitation! I’m ready to scream, but it’s so difficult to ask him about his money when I’ve always been so independent. I just want to know where things stand. I want to have one decision we both follow through on!


I was gone for a few weeks because things got hectic at home and at work. We finally bought our new cars. They are quite lovely and we are very hapy with them. We wound uo going over our planned payment by about $100/month on each car, but decide it was ok because we can afford it and they’re great cars.  What we had not considered was the insurance premiums. We figures they would obviously go up somewhat, but for all of our reasearch into the car buying process and all of the math we did, neither one of us thought to get an insurance quote for our desired cars. It turns out that our insurance payments will go up by $350 per month. We were prepared for a rise of $100 – $150 only. This really caught us by surprise and we almost choked. 

Anyhow, after the initail sticker shock, I took a look and saw things we could dispose of.  We bought a warranty for my car that includes a loaner car while mine is at the shop and roadside assistance, so I removed the rental reimbursement and roadside assistance and raised our deductible for collision and that rdeuced the total premium by $280, which reduces the monthly payment by about $46.  Since we have a few grand in the savings account, we figure we can safely assume that we can pay the deductible if it came down to it, and would rather save on the monthly payment. 

Either way, it still rocks our budget quite a bit as we had planned on saving about a grand per month. then, we decided to bite into that a bit to get nicer cars with warranties and now we’ve ate most of it up with this insurance increase. Thankfully we refi’d before we bought the cars and reduced our mortgage payments . My husband did not renew his gym membership, opting to run outside and make use of the bit of gym equipment we have at home, this gave us a little morein the monthly budget. Thankfully though, the hubby is also doing extra work on the side of his 9-5 job, so that money should cover the rise in insurance as well as the overage in car payments, so hopefully we will be about even and able to still save a nice chunk each month. 

I’ve been searching for some sort of virtual assistant job that I could take on in the evenings, but have had some trouble finding a legitimate offer. I’ll keep on it. 

We will be keeping a very watchful eye on our budget in the coming months so that we may adjust as necessary. I think Starbuck will be quicly going out the window along with random shopping in order to stabilize the budget at least until we figure out exactly how our monthly budget works out with all the changes we’ve made.