I am hosting my housewarming party tomorrow. Mind you, I never wanted a housewarming party to begin with. This might sound a bit spoiled, but I just didn’t want to have people over to our house. My husband bought the house while we were aprt, and needless to say I had no input. The house is very pretty and our neighborhood is not bad, but you have to go through an ugly side of town to get there. Thus, I had preferred to wait until we got a new house to have any sort of housewarmng party. 

After I surprised my sorority sisters with the news that I got married, they were obviously upset that they couldn’t be there with me. So, to quell them and my husband’s friends we decided to have a Housewarming/Wedding Celebration. We initially planned for approximately 15 – 20 people and today it seems we will have about 40 people coming. 

This has of course required now that we get the house all spic and span, which it’s generally pretty clean, but not “guests clean”. I planned on doing most of this last night and tonight, but alas, I got sick and just laid on the couch last night. My wonderful husband, however, went food shopping with me, cleaned the restrooms, the kitchen vacuumed, etc. He didn’t let me get up to help with anything, that’s why I love him. He spoils me so much. 

Admittedly, I have also spent all week obsessively checking my wedding registry to see what kinds of gifts I can expect. I must say I am super excited because I am getting the awesomest espresso/coffee maker ever! Since I saw tht someone bought it, I’ve been waiting for Saturday just so I can make myself a caramel latte on my very own espresso machine! I also want to say that I have some friends that are huge fans of procrastination! 


I am obsessed with my registry. I think it’s one of the most fun things I have done in a long time. I basically got a chance to sit down and imagine my dream home and click away so other peole could get me the gifts! Even if I don’t get half of what I asked for I had a great time planning what the house would look like with all my new fun toys. New bedding, fancy china, casual china, an outdoor grill, fun kitchen appliances, etc.  I think I’m going to keep that list for the next 5 years. If anyone ever wants to get me a birthday or Xmas gift, they will be referred to the registry!


Being under the weather though, I’m not really looking forward to having 40 at my house. So I hope it goes smoothly and finishes quickly so I can jump back into some sweat pants in front of the tv and eat the brownies I made last night.