I am a 23 year old female. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia and moved to Atlanta, Georgia as a child with my family.  I grew up focused entirely on school and the goal of going to a prestigious college dictated every move in my life.

After the excitement of the acceptance letters wore off, came the realization that there was no money to send me to this school. So, I went to the State School on  a scholarship and slept adn partied through my first two years, too disilusioned with life to fell like going to class. Come to find out, you can even fail at an easy school if you don’t take it seriously.  I did however, always work through college to support myself. However, I didn’t quite make enough money to support myself and made some bad financial decisions. And, in the trend of bad decisions, I also made bad decisions about men. 

When all of my bad decisions finally hit me over the head, I stopped and decided that this had never been me and began to turn th ship around. I worked harder than ever to become financially stable and let men and their drama go by the wayside. I enrolled back in school and started to focus better. In the process, I met the most incredible man. I made many mistakes, but he stuck by my side and loved me past all of my flaws. Just as I had found my footing, family drama, as usual, kicked the stool out from under me.

One of my sisters moved in with me and in an effort to balance myself and help my sisters, I dropped out of school, yet again. I focused on my sisters completely and even let go of the best man I had ever known. He waited patiently, and when my heart could no longer bear to be away from him, there he was, with open arms. I left him, thining that I did not have time in my life for a relationship when I was trying to take care of my sisters, work, go back to school, save to buy a house for my sisters and I, etc. When I returned to my prince in shiming armor he had not been out amgry at me, or simply sitting the days away. He had bought a house large enough for my sisters and I. He had saved money, he was working hard to prepare a future for us, even while we were apart! My independent spirirt still bucked the idea of accepting help from a man. After many talks, I finally agreed to move in a few months later. Four months after that we were married in a beautiful, intimate ceremony. I am now happily married to the one man that God made for me. 

We are both working hard toward financial prosperity, going back to school (me to finish, and him to get his MBA) and adjusting to married life. 


That is my story in a nutshell.